Shaving Advice for Men

Since shaving is a daily occurrence for most men, let’s dive into some shaving advice to help you make the most of it. Shaving can be quite time consuming, and for many men shaving causes skin irritation, red bumps, and even the occasional shaving cut. Hopefully this shaving advice for men will help improve your routine so that you are getting a satisfying, close shave, that doesn’t leave your skin burning for hours afterward.

While you are in the shower, you should exfoliate your face with a scrub or soft loofah. Using a scrub or natural face sponge while in the shower will help to release in-grown hairs, as well as helping to remove dead skin. Getting those out of the way will help prevent razor burn and will leave your skin softer and healthier. While exfoliation is great shaving advice, it is great skin care advice for men, as well.

Next, you need to pick a good lubricant. This would be your shaving cream; and a good shaving cream will protect your skin from the abrasion of the blade. Some guys like to go with the traditional shaving brush and lather up their shaving cream to rub it on. It might be more inconvenient but it’s certainly more fun to use than a foamy, airy, odorless, canned shave cream or gel. Make sure to avoid shaving creams with alcohol or menthol in them – the alcohol is drying and the menthol will numb the skin, both of which can lead to increased irritation. By following just a few of these shaving tips you can increase the quality and satisfaction of your shaving experience.

Make sure you use a sharp razor blade, too. Dull blades scrape along the skin and are more prone to tearing the skin and ripping the hairs out as opposed to cutting the hair off smoothly. Also, make sure to rinse the blade frequently while shaving. Then, when you are done, you need to make sure you store the razor in a place that allows it to dry completely in order to prevent rusting. Undetected rust will compromise the blade integrity and cause an uncomfortable shave.

After you have shaved, it’s a good idea to get a noncomedogenic (or non pore-clogging) moisturizer. A good moisturizer will soak into the skin and not just sit on the top, and it will help to prevent skin irritation from shaving. You just want to steer clear of excessively oily moisturizers that may lead to breakouts, which leads to recurring irritation while shaving. I recommend looking for shea butter products, or products with aloe in them. You can also find products with essential oils that smell great and promote healing. There are also moisturizers for sensitive skin if you need to go that route.

Following these few tips and making sure you are careful to take good care of your skin will reduce shaving irritation. There are many products available on the market today to help make your shaving experience more pleasant. Plus, with this shaving advice for men, you will be prepared for a satisfying, close, pain-free shave.

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