when you realize that all the fit muscular dudes that grace the magazines, the competition stage, and who strut their stuff down on the beach with sculpted 6 pack abs and ripped muscles glistening in the sunlight… You’ll notice that they all have one thing in common… They have NOContinue Reading

Men in particular have to be very careful about shaving, whether their goal is to maintain the appearance of their beards or mustaches or to remove facial hair altogether. Unfortunately, for many men, shaving is just an everyday routine–as long as they get the hair off, then they’re good. MostContinue Reading

If you shave daily, organic shaving cream is healthier than the alternative. Many health-conscious consumers are buying organic food. But is organic skin care on their shopping lists? Most brands of skin care are made of harmful chemicals that are absorbed into the skin. Organic shaving cream has natural, healthyContinue Reading

Since shaving is a daily occurrence for most men, let’s dive into some shaving advice to help you make the most of it. Shaving can be quite time consuming, and for many men shaving causes skin irritation, red bumps, and even the occasional shaving cut. Hopefully this shaving advice forContinue Reading