Mens fashion has changed dramatically over the years and now days there are even men painting their nails, getting highlights and even wearing man purses. If you want to be a fashionable male then you need to understand a few things. What you need to understand Fashion is what youContinue Reading

Men’s fashions have changed considerably over the years. While jeans and khakis are a staple, the blue suit is a necessity and a few crisp white shirts the backbone of a fashionable man. You can update your wardrobe with a fine merino wool black turtleneck; a sharp detailed designer beltContinue Reading

Colors that contrast are pleasing to the eye if done tastefully. Start with solid colors so as not to create conflicting patterns, such as having a dark pair of pants worn with a bright blue solid color polo shirt. If your pants are solid black your shirt can be almostContinue Reading

Have you been facing problems in keeping a balance between these two priorities as they seem to go against each other most of the times? Well! Then you can put an end to this clash between money and style! Do not throw away your old pair of denim jeans; theseContinue Reading

There are plenty of choices from say two or three hundred years back which could be a hat, a shirt, a jacket, or some type of jewelry or accessories. This makes a wonderful conversation piece at a party. There are many distinct ethnic groups but only five major continents, Africa,Continue Reading